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We are creating sales floors made up of different “mercantile stores” by expanding guest room sales to last the duration of the 2016 Ken®vention.  Guest room sales are a fun and anticipated event, and the 2016 Ken®vention is trying to make it easier for everyone.  To better serve the conventioneers and dealers, the 2016 Ken®vention has developed a policy for guest room sales. 

NEW Shopper Incentives:

We are arming our dealers with money bags! Each registered guest room seller will have special 2016 Ken®vention wooden coins to give out to each shopper for qualified purchases.  The conventioneer will write their registration number on the back and we'll put them in a big jug and draw out winners for prizes on Friday AND Saturday evening.  The more you shop the more chances you have to win!

Expanding our advertising, we will include four public sales day time periods—Wednesday evening and Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons with no fees associated to the public to come and shop!  Dealers will no longer have to sign a contract, pay fees for tables or helpers, move and set-up merchandise and most importantly…can choose to be open when they want to be! 
This policy will be enforced and we request that you carefully read the following policy guidelines.

Guest Room Sale Regulations:

  • Anyone wishing to sell from his/her guest room will be given a window tag which we are calling a “Mercantile Tag”. The mercantile Tag is $25 and must be hung on your room window to participate in guest room sales. You must check into your room first. You can pick-up your Mercantile Tag and have your room number placed on it. This tag will be hung in your window to indicate to shoppers that you are “Open for Business!”
  • Tags are valid from Monday October 3 through Saturday October 8, 2016. Mercantile Tags will be available to pre-order or may be purchased at registration.  Your tag needs to be displayed in your window before you start selling from your guest room and the display policy will be strictly enforced. 
  • Having the guest room sales registered will also allow the 2016 Ken®vention to clearly point out all the guest rooms available to shoppers.
  • Selling from your guest room is offered on a volunteer basis. You do not have to be a dealer.  No conventioneer needs to feel that they can’t participate because they only have a few items or have never participated in guest room Sales before.
  • Guest room sales will be limited to registered 2016 Ken®vention conventioneers only.
  • You may not post anything but the official Mercantile Tag on your guest room window.
  • Guest room sale notices may be posted on the bulletin board in the lobby.
  • Only one Mercantile Tag per guest room will be given to registered 2016 Ken®vention conventioneer(s) participating in guest room sales.

·         Arrangements can be made to accommodate conventioneers planning on selling from their guest room prior to the official start of the convention. Please email Norita Bergmann at: if you are planning on arriving early to sell from your guest room.  We advise that you pre-order the Mercantile Tag if you are planning to sell before registration begins.


·         We need to group the "mercantile stores" together as much as possible.  Please email Lisa Koppelman-Elliott prior to September 1, 2016 if you plan to participate in guest room selling at:

Please remember to return form by September 1, 2016!

2016 Advance Mercantile Tag Purchase Sign-Up FORM


Questions? Email Sales Floor Chair Norita Bergmann at:


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