He's A Doll! Newsletter  December 2009


Our club was successful in our bid for the 2011 NBDCC, which marks the year of Ken doll's 50th Anniversary.  Our theme is Barbie and Ken-Spring Break 1961 and will be held at the gorgeous Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa located in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  The convention dates are set from July 27-30, 2011.  Our Live Auction charity is Children's Home Society of Florida and our Silent Auction charity is The Poverello Center.




    Dwane Adle*      
Advisor   Audio/Visual   Beach Comber Cafe   Centerpieces   Competition
Maria Sox*   Dorinda Balanecki*   Jack Wootten*   Bob Strack*   Madison Plendl*
Creative Director   Elbo Room After Hours   Fashion Show   Financial   Graphics
Dorinda Balanecki*   Angie Heffley*   Linda Leake-Beard*   Jack Wootten*   Andrea Rossi*
Hosts   Host Club Liaison   Hotel Liaison   Legal Advisor   Live Auction
Lisa Franco*   Jef Beck*   Dwane Adle*/Dorinda Balanecki*   Nichole Fitzgerald   Sandi Holder*
Local Crew Coordinator   On-Site Coordinator   Photographer   Raffle Room   Registration Book
    Jenny Mirc*   Joan Ruppert   Nancy Hernandez   Hilda Graulau*
Registration Coordinator   Resource   Sales Room   Silent Auction   Souvenir Book
Deb Neal*   Norita Bergmann*   Joe Blitman/Kevin Mulligan   Angie Gill   Hilda Graulau*
Souverir Doll Designer(s)   Souvenir Shop   Volunteer Coordinator   Website   Workshops
    Karin Smith*   Beth Heiss*   Priscilla Wardlow   Lisa Koppelman-Elliott*
    Yahoo Group       Yachtsman Race    
    Julie Bronski*       Jon Hill*    
* denotes He's A Doll! Club Member


We are proud to announce that club member Mike Bloxom will head the Special Club Convention Committee! Mike will work closely with Jef Beck, the Host Club Liaison.  We know many of you have expressed interest in helping as club members at the 2011 NBDCC.  Keep those good vibes coming! What we are looking for is a commitment from you as a member to assist a Chair with pre-planning, pre-work and execution of events.  Maybe you'd like to do prep-work...be there to help set-up the room...be attached to the hip during the events? Think of it as a part-time chair or assistant manager chair position to the chair of your choice.  Your commitment will much appreciated from our Chairs! We will start the formation of this committee after the April 2010 membership drive, but are opening it up NOW to get a spread sheet going.  Mike will start taking interested current member names and hopefully new names after the  2010 member drive.  Please remember, in some cases your assistance is a year long commitment, so please let Mike know how committed you can be in assisting a Chair!  If you still want to help but a shift or two may be more convenient before, during or after the actual dates of convention, we ask you contact Beth Heiss our Volunteer Coordinator Chair.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Mike mailto:kensrus@aol.com

Beth mailto:heiss@snet.net


Our VP Julie is in the process of reaching out to members who expressed interest in serving the club in a committee role.  We have placed a few members to head just two of the committees. The current committees that need members to fill are the following:


Newsletter Committee-Michael will serve as Interim Editor  The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to prepare the quarterly newsletter including but not limited to design and content.  Jef will be emailing members who marked this committee from the member application to form an editorial staff .


Promotions Committee:  The purpose of the Promotion Committee is to market the Hes A Doll! Club through advertising, promotional events and special promotional projects.


Outreach Committee:  The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to recruit members for the continued fun and success of the club.


Special Conventions Committee-Mike   To help with planning our club meetings and social events.  See related article above to serve on this committee.


If by chance you were not contacted by Julie and are interested in being a part of one of these committees, please email VP Julie @ purpink@aol.com



We have selected our design for the 2009 club item...We would like to congratulate Jon for his design concept and Dwane for taking that concept idea and spending countless hours scanning in each of the logos, changing the format a bit which included the dates and the tag line.   Dwane said "We have great ideas in our club and when we work together we can come up with amazing
things.  I am really pleased with the final results and what to thank Jon for submitting the original idea to use the logos in a T-shirt idea for the club. He started the seed that grew into what you now see.  Please join us in congratulating both Jon and Dwane! We think it is a great design and definitely representative about our passion.

A poll was created to find out what you would like this logo on; a t-shirt or a mug?  T-shirt won.

We will have now listed the information communicated to you on the Yahoo board.


We've been having a lot of fun with our "FUN FACTOR"  November contests! Here are a list of our winners so far:

Week 1: Jim and Linda

Week 2: Ann

Week 3: Margie and Jon

As promised, our Week 4 contest and the PRIZE information is below!


The Barbie World of Fashion Guys

In 1967, "The Barbie World of Fashion game by Mattel" emphasized fashion and cute guys...which is exactly what our contest will entail! Wouldn't it have been fun if some (or all) the guys represented in this game had actually been made into doll form? Well here is your chance! We have selected a few of the guys from this game and are picturing them below.  What we would like you to do is create them using a male fashion doll and male fashion doll fashions and accessories.  What our judge (member Madison Plendl) is looking for is one doll created from one of the character pictures below.  She will be looking for modern interpretations of the character; think 2009, not 1967! After you create your doll, you will also be judged on his story.  Ideas in your story can include where he is from, what relationships he has with other Barbie friends and family, his job, his personality etc.  We are looking for not only creative modern interpretations in doll form, but an interesting story behind the doll.  You can customize your doll and fashion as much or as little as you want.  You can create an elaborate or a simple story about him.  Please read the rules and have some fun and get creative!


  • Choose one of the characters below to create your doll and story line.  Remember, modern interpretations of the character; think 2009, not 1967!


Tad Swinger Sam Dick Rick Kevin Peter
  • You may submit up to 3 pictures.  Two required pictures must be a head shot (or above the waist) and a full body shot.

  • You may use any 12" or shorter male fashion doll of your choice.  Male fashion dolls used can not be taller than 12 and no shorter than the newer Mattel High School Musical dolls.  You are allowed to customize anything on the doll you use.
  • Use as many fashion and accessory pieces of your choice, including non-Mattel or customized fashions and accessories.  The doll must be dressed and/or accessorized and you may represent any additional fashion pieces or accessories as you like.

  • The only photo-shopping allowed will be the addition of words or background visual art to the submitted photos.  Please do not alter or add color to the doll or the doll's fashion or accessories.
  • One entry per member please.  See how to enter below.

  • Include a creative story line about your chosen character that is 50 words or less.

Think of your doll as a "prototype" doll concept for the play line or collectible line.  You will be judged on the overall photos composition and how they connect with your story about the character.  We are looking for clear pictures that show details!

If you like to over-achieve, here are some ways to earn extra points:

Extra point if the full body picture is professionally presented in a customized box (no lid) or box liner. 

Extra point if your doll has rooted hair the same hair color as the character.  Tad/Brunette or Dark Brown, Swinger/Auburn, Sam/Black, Dick/Ash or Light Brown, Rick/Light Blonde, Kevin/Red or Peter/Dark Blonde.

There is plenty of time through the busy holiday season! Contest runs SUNDAY 11/22/09 through SATURDAY 1/2/10. Winner announced MONDAY 1/4/10.  In order to allow members who may not have electronic capabilities, pictures and story line can be either emailed or mailed to the addresses below.  Mailed or emailed entries must be received by 1/2/10.  Entries received after this date will not be considered.    Mailed pictures will be scanned and presented.  Pictures and story lines will be posted on a special contest page on this site as they are received.  Special notices posted on the Yahoo board will direct you when we receive a new entry.  Look right below here for contestant links.

Contestant 1-SAM Contestant 2-SAM Contestant 3-PETER Contestant 4-TAD Contestant 5-TAD
Submitted by Member Jef Submitted by Member Omar Submitted by Member Philip Submitted by Member Micheal Submitted by Member Barbara


Contestants were judged on the following attributes:  Rules followed, Quality of Story, Quality of Photos, Clothing presented, Accessories presented, Modern Interpretation of Character, Overall Composition, Photo (layout, requirements, quality), Overall Creativity and Extra Credit Points (Rooted hair same as character, Box, Box liner). 

1st Place: Contestant 5  Barbara wins a Barbie Collector Platinum Label POP LIFE KEN DOLL (NRFB)

2nd Place: Contestant 1 Jef wins a Barbie Collector Gold Label 45TH ANNIVERSARY KEN DOLL  (NRFB)

3rd Place: Contestant 4 Micheal wins a CAMPING FAMILY KEN DOLL (NRFB)