The Barbie World of Fashion Guys-TAD

Contestant #4




Cool Photographer Tad


A friend of Barbie and Ken since childhood, Tad went on to take the Fashion world by storm.  His awesome photos and his charming manner have made him the favorite of such stars as Barbie, Midge, Ken, Alan, and Francesco!



Tad is a cool Dude, who uses the most esoteric digital technology, while maintaining his conventional sense of style and taste.  His work can be spotted in all the finest art museums, on the cover of 65% of weekly fan magazines, and hanging in the White House!  (Who did YOU think took that photo?!?!?)


Tad comes with many fun accessories, including his camera, camera bag, copies of his most famous portraits, necklace, laptop, shampoo to keep that hair shiny and silky, portfolio, magazines with his cover work, brush, extra pair of sneakers, Two extra outfits, a pizza for those late night shoots, binoculars, and his world famous sunglass collection…who’s that behind those Foster Grants?!?! It’s TAD!!!