Ken’s Chef  Hat

From your fabric Cut one 4 ½” to 5” diameter circle (Look for the top of a Chinese take-out soup container or a sour cream container or other items in your kitchen with about a 4 ½” to 5” diameter for use as a pattern) and one strip of fabric about 2 ¼” X 6” (This will allow you to make a hat to fit almost any head. It will work for Barbie too!)


Fold your circle in quarters and clip at the folds (just a tiny clip) or mark the edge of the fabric at the folds with a pen.

Beginning at one of your clips, run a loose long stitch around the edge of the circle at about ¼” seam line. You can use your sewing machine or this can be done by hand.

Take your strip and fold it in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together. Stitch the length of the strip to hold it together.

Take your strip and wrap it around the head of the doll you want the hat to fit. Don’t make it real tight. Cut the strip the length it took to go around Ken’s head leaving an additional ½ “ (this will actually be ¼” at each end)

Take your strip and fold in half. Mark the center with a tiny clip or pen at the edge side. Make 1 more mark on each side of center between the center and ¼” from the end. (See picture)


Match the center marks with right side of circle to the strip and pin. Pull up the gathering stitch you made so that it gathers the fabric and you can match the other 2 marks. Place the mark where the gathering begins ¼” from the end of the strip. Beginning at the ¼” spot, stitch in a ¼” seam, adjusting the gathering evenly, across the length of the strip making the beginning/end clip on the circle stop ¼” from the end of the strip.


Fold the strip in half matching the short ends and stitch the length of the short edge in ¼ “ seam as noted by the red dotted markings in the photo.  (If there is a slight gap between the circle and the strip at the seam you just sewed, you can close it up by taking a couple stitches across that seam. (Open the seam on the strip to stitch if you do this.)


 Turn your hat right side out. Push the seam upward inside the hat. Your hat is done! Grab Ken and let him try it on!


If you have questions, send me an email at and I will try to walk you thru it. Put “Ken Hat” in your email heading.


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