History In a New York Minute!

Being as this is the very first "He's A Doll" Newsletter, I felt we needed to start from the beginning for our history lessons on Ken®.  The Barbie® Doll was such a huge success for Mattel that they decided to expand the line and give her a boyfriend.  And are we not extremely happy about that here at "He's a Doll" Club?  So on March 11, 1961, Ken® Carson was introduced at the New York Toy Fair.  He was originally 12 inches tall, had a six piece body, flocked hair in either blond or brunette and was wearing red swimming trunks, cork sandals and carrying a yellow terry cloth towel.  It was soon discovered that the flocked hair didn't hold up well so the second Ken® doll produced in 1962 had molded hair in either blonde or brunette and had a white and red stripped beach coat added.  (Which was my first Ken® and my favorite Ken®.  Though I did break his head off by holding him upside down between my legs to put his clothes on.............. Oh come on!  I was only 6 years old!)  Did you figure out his birthday and his last name (you may be quizzed later).  Sadly, Ken® was never given a middle name.  Next lesson, we will talk about his fashions and extensive wardrobe.

And that's your history lesson for today....in a New York minute.

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