In 1986 Jewel Secrets KenŽ had one extra fashion that was sold separately...this fabulous silver tuxedo. What kind of guy needs two silver tuxedoes in one season? Only our buddy Ken would. I found this one (pictured above) for just $10 at Beach Cities Barbie Club fundraising sale.

Since it is a little beat up lets crack it open and see what's inside. Oh, notice it originally cost $9.88 at Toy City. That's an only twelve cent increase over 26 years.

Inside we find a tuxedo, top hat, shoes and socks, a cape, a 90 day limited warranty and a story book called The Secret of Pleasant Manor. You should click the cover picture (right) and read it.

There is a super
bombshell ending that will rock the BarbieŽ world forever. Are BarbieŽ and KenŽ kissing cousins? Ewwww. That’s probably a jewel secret they should keep quiet.

RIGHT:  Jewel Secrets KenŽ fashion comic book.  CLICK on the comic to see what's inside!!

Nice socks KenŽ. All the best KenŽ outfits come with socks I say. After KenŽvention I have an even greater appreciation for KenŽ socks.
This fashion includes the classic sleeveless tuxedo shirt. Unless you are KenŽ please do not try this look. This is his fancy pinstripe tuxedo with jewel-like lapels and glittery bow tie. It's a nice fit considering he found it in an old trunk in the attic. "Yes! A gray top hat top hat to match the cape, giving him just the right debonair, old fashioned look".  It takes a real man to pull off the cape look. KenŽ, Superman, Dracula... okay it probably takes an imaginary man to pull off the cape look.

The Jewel Secrets just keep coming! The cape is a purse for you! Stylish.  Make sure you empty the purse before you put it back on KenŽ.


The back of the package says "Yes! There are more Jewel Secrets Fashions!" Does that mean there are more storybooks? Could KenŽ be in them? Could there be more of BarbieŽ and KenŽ's (jewel) secrets revealed? Happy Collecting everyone!

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